Led by the will to create energy efficient, beautiful and highly functional homes, from a conventional construction company, since 2008 we focused our attention, efforts and means towards the innovative construction technologies and the energy efficiency.

Our will is to continue the delivery of high quality into the modern life, affordable by anyone.

Our main goal – construction of every house to be unified, controlled and independent from the weather conditions process, led to our investment in a young and highly educated team, and a factory for prefabrication.
Now we fabricate every single piece for our houses in our own facility in the city of Elin Pelin. which is unique because of its possibilities for quality control and high mathematical precision of the manufacturing processes. Because we are independent from the elements, we manufacture and construct your home faster, with higher quality and with less waste materials than the conventional construction.
Stepping on the base of what is possible and what is impossible in the traditional construction methods, the innovation took a principal place in our activities, and continues to be our main engine and strategical need.

Our vision is Sweet Home to be an expert – innovator in the construction and manufacturing of independent houses, and to bring inside every home the common systems for producing and saving energy