We designed the luxurious residential complex Arno Pole with nature in mind. Suitable for professionals from the city or freelancers looking to create more and higher quality time for themselves and their families.

Located only 17 km. away from Sofia, Arno Pole is in Ravno Pole village, having a fast and easy access by car to the capital, even in rush hours.

The architecture is synchronized with the nature and the innovative technologies for energy efficient use. Every house in the neighborhood is built to harmonize with the landscape and to work effectively with the climate throughout the four seasons, lowering the heating and air conditioning bills. The environmental impact on the house microclimate is brought to the minimum, while fresh air is bought in every room through the built-in ventilation system.

Built with prefabricated materials, produced in our factory and assembled with detailed supervision and high professionalism, our houses are built without the noise, the pollution and the mistakes that are commonly associated with the conventional on-site construction.
Thanks to the prefabrication approach we have the possibility to start building the complex with the streets, sidewalks and communications, which provides an instant, clean and easy access to your house immediately after it is built.

The infrastructure of the complex includes sewage, electricity, gas, asphalt, street lights, sidewalks. Our innovative approach in fabrication and construction allows us to be extremely accurate in our work, saving time, and minimizing pollution and waste while fabricating and constructing.


Located only 17 km away from Sofia, Arno Pole is in the very beginning of Ravno Pole village. This provides fast and easy access by car to the capital, even in rush hours.

There is a bus stop in front of the complex for those who prefer a walk or a bike ride.

Ravno Pole village is right next to the complex, so there are facilities like kindergarten, bio products store, supermarket and golf course.

Saint Sofia golf course is 5 minutes away from Arno Polе.

*Arno – adj. (west Bulgarian slang) nice, well


  • Individual design that reflects your lifestyle and personal preferences

  • Highly functional rooms and floorplans

  • Energy efficient houses with optimized running costs

  • A healthy home that provides equal heat comfort and a fresh feeling in every season.

  • Comfort and coziness of your own home with a green garden

  • Clean air and serenity of a suburb, easy accessible from the big city

  • Contemporary designed houses balancing with the local nature

PROJECT HOUSE 249 sq. m.

PROJECT HOUSE 250 sq. m.

PROJECT HOUSE 281 sq. m.

PROJECT HOUSE 284 sq. m.