"Arno Pole" ecological residential project

A project of SWEET HOME

A smart investment with a responsibility to the future!

The ecological residential complex “Arno Pole” is a project of Sweet Home which aims to construct and subsequently sale 14 extremely energy efficient, functional and beautiful houses in the village of Ravno Pole, the municipality of Elin Pelin . Our investment is a part of the overall plan for creating a new, modern residential neighborhood near Sofia which consists of 50 separate homes.

The first stage of our project envisages the construction of 5 houses with identical internal arrangement and functionality of the premises, a street on the North and a yard located on the South. They are designed in a way that minimizes the inconvenience of the connected construction. Each of them has the necessary independence.

The buildings guarantee the good standard of living of the owners in addition to a real care for the environment. Each of them works effectively during all the four seasons with very low costs of thermoregulation. The building elements are made with precision in the factory of Sweet Home and later are assembled under strict control.

Ecological residential complex "ARNO POLE" is distinguished by its unique advantages:


 All Sweet Home homes are characterized by exceptional energy efficiency class A. We achieve this by using high quality materials in our constructions (Knauf, KVH® structural wood) and installing a heat pump system as an optimal choice for home air conditioning.

The heat pump provides heating in the winter, cooling in the summer and hot water during the entire year. It guarantees the thermoregulation in both directions – warms or cools the house using only the heat from the environment.

The heat pumps in the Sweet Home homes are made from high-quality components and materials and provide:

  • excellent energy efficiency;
  • low heating costs in addition to an optimal comfort;
  • automatic control and high level of security;
  • minimum operating costs;
  • easy maintenance compared to any other heat source;
  • safety;
  • environmental friendliness (uses renewable resources, does not emit greenhouse gases).

The heat pump installation can be connected to boilers, convectors, radiators, underfloor heating or to heat swimming pools and Jacuzzis.


By choosing a new Sweet Home home in the village of Ravno Pole you automatically become 100% owners of the property (the house and the adjacent land)! Along with the right to dispose of your own property you also remain free of any mandatory maintenance fees or other general rules which generally accompany gated residential complexes in our country. In its essence, the Arno Pole project is a free residential neighborhood that meets the necessary conditions for a happy and peaceful life.


The ecological residential complex “Arno Pole” is a unique and gratuitous advantage of the owners – a pre-built and fully completed infrastructurestreets and new asphalt, sewerage, electricity, water, gas, sidewalks, fire hydrants, street lighting. Our investment in the village contributed to the construction of all necessary facilities and resources to serve the residents as a donation to the Municipality.

Our interest is increasing the added value to you, our customers, as the best choice on the way to the dream home. Constructing a completed infrastructure before the construction itself is a unique phenomenon for Bulgaria but a standard among the developed countries. Sweet Home borrows good practices and housing models from the West including Germany, Austria, the United States and others.


Environmental friendliness is fundamentally embedded in the Sweet Home philosophy and their way of creating modern, sustainable houses. Therefore the main material in our architectural constructions – wood – is extracted from 100% renewable resources.It is planted, grown and intended for construction purposes. In this way, nature remains untouched and protected which is also thanks to your decision to turn one of these buildings into your home.

Interior design and functionality of the premises

Total area of ​​the house (BUA Arno Pole) : 225.25 sq.m.

All houses have an identical interior design and functionality of the premises.

Floor 1 (BUA 113.50 sq.m.) consists of:
  • LIVING ROOM AND KITCHEN – 47.25 sq.m.;
  • ENTRANCE HALL – 3.66 sq.m.;
  • STOREROOM – 2.84 sq.m.;
  • WC – 2.54 sq.m.;
  • TECHNICAL PREMISES (heat pump and boiler) – 1.97 sq.m.;
  • VERANDA – 13.07 sq.m.;
  • GARAGE – 18.77 sq.m.;
  • STOREROOM TO THE GARAGE – 5.16 sq.m.
Floor 2 (BUA 111.75 sq.m.) consists of:
  • ADJACENT BATHROOM – 5.62 sq.m.;
  • SECOND BEDROOM – 13.27 sq.m.;
  • CORRIDOR – 4.79 sq.m..;
  • SECOND BATHROOM – 3.38 sq.m.;
  • LAUNDRY ROOM – 5.69 sq.m.;
  • THIRD BEDROOM – 15.05 sq.m.;
  • BIG TERRACE – 25.25 sq.m.
Price: 240 000 € includes:
  • The construction of the building
  • Equipment of the yeard
  • Construction warranty  50 години

Because we are confident of what we do!

The ecological residential project "Arno Pole" combines the best of our work over the years!

The excellent indicators of energy efficiency, sound insulation and moisture resistance ensure the optimal comfort of any house. The choice of materials and the combination of structure layers (walls, floor, roof), in addition to the insulation and the heat pump installation achieve class A in terms of energy efficiency. The construction shows three times less heat loss compared to brick buildings and generates low heating costs.

Technical characteristics

Made of solid structural wood (KVH®). Coating: plaster and wood.

Made of structural beams (KVH®).

Solved with the standard Sweet Home approach PosiStrut farms.

Combination of sloping (above the second floor) and flat (above the garages). Made of solid wood ribs (KVH®). The flat roof can be turned into a usable terrace.

Aesthetics and functionality


A beautiful and functional design.

Modern and recognizable style.

Yard and garden

200 sq.m. – ryegrass, alleys, a hedge of green plants between the houses.

90 sq.m. – garage for two cars, outdoor area for two cars; fences to the street – a combination of wood and metal.

The village of Ravno Pole - clean air, mineral springs and tranquility 17 km. from the center of the capital

At the territory of the village of Ravno Pole, Elin Pelin Municipality, Sofia District.

A wonderful view of Vitosha.

  • Kokiche – all day kindergarden;
  • “Hristo Botev” Primary School;
  • “Prosveta” community center;
  • children’s play area;
  • medical center and medical practices;
  • grocery store with organic products;
  • geothermal spring with status of state importance.
  • Ravnopol Monastery “St. 40 martyrs”;
  • “Holy Trinity” Orthodox Church;
  • Chapel “St. Mine”.
  • The annual holiday of the village of Ravno Pole – “St. Spirit ”(celebrated on the day after Pentecost);
  • The annual festival -“Shopski Holidays” , dedicated to the Shopski way of life and culture, town of Elin Pelin, June.
  • Train station;
  • public transport to and from Sofia (bus №12, Route № 42a);
  • it is close to Sofia and Elin Pelin, “Sofia” International Airport, “Trakia” Motorway, “Hemus” Motorway, South Arc of the Sofia Ring Road.
В землището на с. Равно поле , Община Елин Пелин , Област София.

Прекрасна гледка към Витоша.

  • Целодневна детска градина „Кокиче“;
  • Основно училище „Христо Ботев“;
  • Народночиталище “Просвета”;
  • детски кът за игра;
  • медицински център и лекарски практики;
  • хранителен магазин с екологични продукти;
  • геотермален извор със статут от държавно значение.
  • Равнополски манастир „Св. 40 мъченици“;
  • Православен храм “Света Троица“;
  • Параклис “Св. Мина”.
  • ЖП гара;
  • обществен транспорт от и до София (автобус №12, Маршрутна линия № 42a);
  • близост до гр. София и гр. Елин Пелин, Межународно летище “София”, АМ „Тракия“, АМ „Хемус“, Южна дъга на Софийски околовръстен път.

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