Bungalow Toscan 46 sq.m.

In the story about the veranda in Toscana we told you about Roberto – an Italian entrepreneur, managing a camping in the small coastal town of Vada. We told you about the snow white sandy beaches, about the cool forests and the ‘verande per caravan’ – the white ‘room’ in front of the caravan.

After our success in this project, Roberto decided to continue with our mutual business and create a bungalow with several rooms, that unites the benefits of a house and the imminent connection with the environment.

The bungalow is designed for a family with two or three children. There is a master bedroom and a kids’ room with three beds (one is a bunk bed). A spacious area unites the living room, dining room and kitchen. Functionally designed bathroom and wardrobe are in the inner back side of the bungalow.

The pergola above the porch is a part of the shell of the bungalow. When it is open, it merges the interior with the environment, and when being closed – it accentuates the shape and easily puts it on standby for the next season. The exterior is designed once again in white and different size sidings are used.  The facade is ventilated which meets the requirements for the specific climatic conditions.

This project also required the possibility for fast assembly on-site. The walls are lightened, but strong enough and mutually reinforced. Leveling steps have been designed so the floor construction fits on them.

The local climate in the active season did not require insulation to the wall structure. We put it though, this was also requested by the investor. The most important thing was to deliver good natural ventilation inside the unit. So because of that the outside walls have an air layer under the wooden boarding. The roof is made of trapezoidal profiled sheets, which let the warm air in the upper part of the room to go out freely.

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