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is a bungalow, part of Sweet Home’s finished goods, that combines contemporary vision and comfort at optimal price.

Vision: The volume is shaped into a pure cuboid with a specific siding, that fits in the surrounding nature just fine. The pergola above the porch is part of the shell of the bungalow. While open, it interacts with the environment, and while closed – it accentuates the shape and easily puts it on standby for the next season. The exterior is designed with wooden boarding, painted in white, developed in three types of raster – horizontal, vertical and diagonal.

Technology: Multilayer panels, that comply with all the requirements for surrounding surfaces, are exclusively developed for this product in Sweet Home’s factory in the city of Elin Pelin.

Function: Provides a comfortable „night“ zone, with a spacious bedroom, a functional bathroom and a dressing room. The „day“ zone combines a livingroom, a dining room and a kitchen. The porch makes the smooth connection between the house and the nature.

 Assembly: The assembly time on site is 3-4 days. This bungalow can also be disassembled for the abovementioned time.

Purpose:  This cabin is suitable for a family with small children.


. 00
  • Bungalow (level of completion: floors – laminated flooring installed; walls and ceilings – PVC paneling installed)
  • Bathroom – bathroom paneling, installation and water heater
  • Kitchen, refrigerator, bed, wardrobe and Extendable sofa
  • Air conditioning system
  • Trellis, porch and railing
  • For winter use – with 15 cm of thermal insulation layer
  • Transportation is negotiable

Prices are without VAT.