Modern Architecture
Sweet Home System does not limit architectural solutions. Virtually each architectural idea could be implemented without compromises regarding functionality or design. Execution precision level provides contemporary detail and completeness. Sweet Home Bulgaria team (architects and engineers) develops architecture of each building, according to specific customer requirements.
Energy Efficiency
This is the factor that will have a priority in determining the price of a house built in near future. Under the European Parliament Directives on Energy Efficiency, all new buildings within the EU after 2020 should not consume more than 15 kWh/m2 per year, without using fossil fuels energy (gas, coal, etc.). As the energy price is constantly increasing, it is reasonable to save it and seek alternative ways for energy supply (derived from renewable sources).
Sweet Home system provide an informed choice and active participation of the investor in determining the energy performance of the building, according to your budget. Any change in the selection shows how much money would be saved for a future period and at what point will pay off the initial investment. This develops an optimal combination of parameters.
Security and Comfort
For each project, individual calculations are made, optimizing the number and size of the bearing elements, as well as position of reinforcing joints. The own weight of the building (up to twenty times less than conventional construction) and the manner of elements connection significantly reduces the impact on  the construction in case of a larger scale earthquake. Fire resistance is ensured by the use of non-combustible materials (mineral wool, gypsum board, gypsum fibreboard) and further fire protection of the bearing structure. The concrete fundament is hydrolyzed in multiple layers with liquid hydro insulation membrane. XPS insulation and two layers of gypsum fiberboard are mounted on the hydro insulation layer – a solution ensuring smooth, warm and dry surface. Walls and floors have multilayer structure that provides the necessary insulation – for this purpose air gap and acoustic pads are made, specifications for density and weight of insulation material are strictly observed. In this manner, better soundproofing capacity is achieved in comparison to standard 12 cm brick wall (providing up to 40dB), as solving the problem with impact noise as well.
High technology
All elements of the house – to the smallest detail – are considered and specified in the digital environment. Each element is connected to a database of the overall building structure. By the means of a specially designed computer application, a high extent of design task automation design, shortening design time and reducing the risk of errors. In controlled factory conditions all the walls, floors and roofs are produced- as panels with a custom construction, insulation, windows and incorporating the necessary installations (electrical, plumbing, heating, etc). Production accuracy is up to 1 millimetre, which is achievable in standard construction. Construction in the property is limited to assembling and finishing works. It’s a unique and high-tech system. There are elements borrowed from other similar solutions that have been successfully integrated in our ideas. This allows quality construction with good design – regardless of property remoteness.
Short Execution Deadlines
The duration of the construction process is from 3 to 8 times shorter in comparison to conventional construction. Production of components in our factory starts immediately after technical project has been drafted and ready for submission to the municipality. It should be noted that in standard construction, no process could be started before building permit issuing. Sweet Home System, the main part of construction can be completed even before building permit issuing. All house elements are made under submitted for approval technical project and are prepared for transportation to the property.
Upon the issuance of the construction permit, within a month, all activities based on the preparation and assembly of the house are carried out. For final works performance are required 20-40 days, depending on the scope of activities.
Low Cost
We always strive to offer the best price to our customers for the product they get. This does not mean the cheapest on the market. Above all, we maintain quality and offer an individual designing solution for the needs of each customer. Our price is formed after considering your requirements in detail.
The price of a turnkey Sweet Home house is equivalent to the price of solid construction, which includes concrete, bricks and the roof only. No windows, no installations, no facade, no insulation, no internal doors, no inner coat, no latex paint. You still have to pay for these activities.
The options of cost reduction are based on the high efficiency of the system. This is due to different reasons – automation, reduction, simplification and a clear sequence of manufacturing operations. Smaller amount and more efficient materials are used. Maximum compaction of work and the lack of unexpected costs reduces the total construction costs.
Financial Feasibility
Construction is often associated with underestimation of the details in design stage. This leads to inaccurate quantities, incomplete financial estimates and poor execution. Not well considered detail turns out to be a problem during the construction process. Thus the investor is forced to compromise on quality or to redesign, which is associated with unexpected extra costs.
In a house should be consider all the basic details and specifics of the multi-storey building, with the main difference that they relate to a smaller area. In practice, the design fee is mainly determined mainly by the gross area. Thus, a thorough and detailed design of small building is not so profitable for designers.
Pre-manifacturing, controlled by approved details leads to the production of a technological product with exactly defined parameters. This provides clear execution parameters, detailed quantities and provides an exact price
Export Options
Sweet Home System provides options for the export of houses with high quality and relatively low market price for the standards in EU. An expert team of designers and builders is much more highly paid in these countries. On the other hand, the price is not “under pressure” from Asian producers, due to their relatively large share of logistics costs in the budget for a small house.
Selection Options
You can choose finishing materials, each selection is calculated in real time. This develops an optimal combination according to your budget.
During the construction of a house in Sweet Home system,  less raw materials are used comparing  to conventional construction and there is no pollution.This is due to different reasons – concentration of the manufacturing process outside the property, precise quantity calculations, etc. Shortened construction process reduces the inconvenience to your neighbours. Environment pollution caused by daily transportation of the construction materials is avoided.
During operation is spent much less energy, i.e. natural resources. Avoiding of health hazardous construction moisture.
In conclusion, credit institutions show increasing interest in funding projects with prospects for sustainable development and energy saving. All above-mentioned qualities make Sweet Home system built houses a good investment.
What standards do the houses of Sweet Home meet?

All requirements for thermal insulation, sound insulation, bearing capacity and earthquake resistance are met. The Sweet Home houses comply with all regulations related to projects of residential buildings and determined by the Bulgarian legislation.

The content of the following-listed laws and ordinances can be found on the website of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works of Bulgaria:


* When designing a house outside of Bulgaria, the project is adapted to the local legislation.

What is the term for making a investment project?
The term for making a technical design is up to 30 working days (if all necessary documents are available).
What is the deadline for construction?
  • Construction of prefabricated houses runs from 1 to 3 months, according to the complexity of the house and the total floor plan area.
  • Prefabrication runs parallel to the approval of the investment project (the period is shortened because the items are made in our manufacturing base within the time of the procedure for issuing building permission in the respective municipality).
  • Building the foundation – approximately 7 working days.
  • Assembling of 100 m2 total floor plan area – approximately 3 working days.
  • Finishing work – approximately 20-40 working days, depending on the scope of activities.
What guarantees do we provide?
If you are satisfied with the quality of completed construction works and we have fulfilled everything as provided in the contract – you sign a delivery and acceptance protocol. This protocol is the basis for payments under the contract.
The houses of Sweet Home meet all legal standards for design of residential buildings set by the Bulgarian legislation in the field of construction. All requirements for bearing capacity are met (static strength and resistance to earthquakes), heat insulation, noise insulation, waterproofing, lightning protection, fire safety,  sanitation  and protection of health and life.
Our houses meet the following requirements:
  • Bearing ability – stability and durability of the building constructions and the fundament for operating loads and seismic tensions;
  • Fire safety;
  • Personal hygiene, health and life protection;
  • Safe utilization;
  • Noise and environmental protection;
  • Energy efficiency – energy saving and heat saving;
The minimum warranty terms for completed construction  and  assembly  works,  facilities and construction sites are the following:
  • For all newly-built structures of buildings and facilities, including the ground beneath them – 10 years;
  • For waterproofing, thermal insulation, sound insulation  and  anti-corrosion work  on buildings and facilities in a non-aggressive environment – 5 years, and in an aggressive environment – 3 years;
  • For all types of construction, assembly and finishing works (floor and wall coverings, tinsmith, hardware, carpentry work, etc.), and for interior  installations  of  the  buildings  – 5 years;
We comply with the prescribed legal warranties!
In most of the construction and assembly works we even surpass them. Regarding information about warranties for particular materials used and warranties for building elements, we need to go into details. We give you certificates of the materials used and we provide warranty on all construction and assembly works.
How is the quality of fulfilled construction and assembly works bound with the contract?
Our company works for the purpose of satisfying our clients.
  • The quality of completed construction and assembly works is controlled according to the project requirements and the relevant regulations.
  • In case of establishing works of poor quality carried out not in compliance with the regulations and the project requirements, a protocol  shall  be  made between the Contractor and the Assignor (indicating the deadline for rectification).
  • Established construction and installation works of poor quality are not paid by the Assignor and repaired at the expense of the Contractor
Quality assurance by the way of payment
For the last 20% of the construction sum, a tripartite agreement shall be concluded with a bank for the so-called escrow account. “Escrow account” is a trust account opened in a bank in the name of the Contractor. In this account, the sum is blocked and released by the bank to the Contractor only under certain conditions. These conditions are:
  • Completion of the assembly of the house established by the signing of a delivery and acceptance protocol by the Assignor.
  • Completion  of the finishing work established by the signing of a delivery and acceptance protocol by the Assignor.
  • Preparation of a technical passport of the building according to Article 176 of the SPA established by the signing of a delivery and acceptance protocol by the Assignor.