Are you interested in our projects? Undoubtedly the first question that arises in your mind is, what is the price of your dream home? If someone gives you an instant response, they either don’t know the process, or they will give you an indefinite price. That’s why you will want our answer, but it will take us a little time. In a few steps, we’ll describe why we can’t give you a square meter price instantly, but surely what you will hear, will be fully in line with your requirements.

Our houses are made on an individual basis, whose purpose is to answer to:

  • the aesthetic criteria of the customer
  • the desired functionality of the premises, and the area
  • the shape and size of the property
  • the geographic location
  • the restrictions imposed by the development plan, of the particular settlement
  • the specific climate
  • the desired energy efficiency of the building

All of this, makes this an almost impossible repetition of the same project. That’s why we always have to start a new project, which with you, determines the type and class of the materials, followed by a detailed description of the activities, which apart from the house can also be for interior, garden, fence, etc… and appropriate prices.

It’s important for us not to speculate by naming a sample price, without having the necessary information. From experience we can say that for houses built in Sofia region over 200 sqm, prices start at 450€ per square meter above the concrete foundation, and for the smaller ones, which are about 80-100 sqm, start from 550-600€ per square meter (also above the concrete foundation). Building in foreign countries could increase prices significantly, because of higher expenses we are meeting there.

In Sweet Home Bulgaria, our policy is the following – we invite you to a zero-commitment meeting in our office, at your property or via Skype where we can talk about your wishes and requirements. The next step is a conceptual project, whose goal it is, to fit into your budget. If necessary, we can process the project until we achieve the desired functionality, space and the cost.Designing with us continues until we get into the planned budget. The cost of the project is 8 euro / sq, and is deducted when signing a construction contract with Sweet Home Bulgaria.

For a real and completely accurate price, we can only be sure, after a certain stage of the conceptual design has been resolved.

However, as a guideline we can say that the price of a traditional house with a reinforced concrete construction and bricks, is close to the cost of our energy efficient houses.

We would be glad to welcome you to our office to talk it over, and answer all of your questions.

Sweet Home Bulgaria has an arrangement with banks to finance the construction of prefabricated houses through mortgage provisions. The houses meet all of the building standards and don’t differ from monolithic construction. This is why banks can grant this kind of credit.

We cooperate fully in the lending process. Houses of interest to banks must be at-least 90 square meters. The location of the property is also important.

If you choose this road, to build your future home, we will be your true companion!

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