50 years warranty

Our customer often ask the following questions – what is the lifetime expectancy of a prefabricated house and what is the warranty?

We can now say that the life expectancy of a prefabricated house is more than 100 years. The biggest market for such houses  – North America – offers houses of that age

In Europe, the oldest wooden structure buildings are the Norwegian wooden churches, built in the 12th and the 13th century. Their wooden siding has been changed during the years, but the main structural elements are original – more than 800-900 years old.

What can we say about the old Bulgarian houses, built in the 18-th century, they are hundreds of years old and some are still used, others are converted into museums. If nowadays there are wooden structures of that age, what can we say about the life expectancy of a new house, constructed with contemporary methods and technology.

The most important thing in one house is its structure. When making a Sweet Home house, the manufacturing of the elements is done in a controlled environment with first grade materials, which guarantees the long use of the house.

The KVH® structural wood that we use for our structures, is threated against woodworms, rotting, and fungus. Besides, the KVH® structural wood is a material designed for construction – the wood you can buy from a convenient warehouse is not the one you would like for your house.

The wood, used for the structure of a Sweet Home house, is inside the walls – it is covered both from outside and inside – hence it is protected from the elements. So you cannot say with just one look if this house is an wooden or a concrete building. Therefore no care for the material is needed.

According to the local regulations in Bulgaria, the minimal warranty any contractor has to provide is 10 years for the construction and 5 years for the finishing jobs.

This applies for all buildings, no matter if their construction is made of concrete, metal or wood – the minimum warranty a contractor has to provide is this.

We at Sweet Home believe in the quality of our job, so we exceed these terms and provide 50 years of warranty for the construction of our houses!

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