Frequently Asked Questions

The main building materials we use are of German and Austrian origin and have the necessary certificates of excellent quality.

The houses of SWEET HOME meet the highest European construction standards.

50 years warranty of the construction. From 5 to 20 years guarantee of all other activities.

The uncompromising quality of the used materials and execution allows us to be completely confident of our product qualities and to offer a longer warranty than required by SDA.

We can give you a house in a “rough-in” stage or completely finish it according to your preferences.

The house can be ready in 3 months after a building permit is issued.

The production of houses in factories allows us actually to be completely independent of weather conditions.

We manufacture houses throughout the entire year and we can finish the assembly within 2-3 days even during the winter months.

A cellar, basement or even more complex underground rooms can be built.

Yes, a building permit is required. All regulations for designing and constructing a prefabricated house are the same as in standard construction.

We can implement any ready-made project or you can create a new one together with our architect that meets all of your requirements.

Yes, we can implement any architectural project.
The construction system of SWEET HOME is unique on the market and we can practically adapt any project to our production. Including a monolithic house.

Yes, you can.

The prefabricated houses of SWEET HOME are the only ones that banks accept as mortgages. The trust of the banks is another recognition of our good reputation and the impeccable quality of our product!

They are standard conditions for bank financing.
A construction offer prepared by SWEET HOME.
An assistance from SWEET HOME.

Yes, we build abroad. The house projects outside the borders of Bulgaria are adapted to the local legislation.

How can you live in the dream house?

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