• Healthy environment for living.

  • High class energy efficiency.

  • Individual design.

  • Аesthetics and  attention to detail.
  • Financial predictability.

  • Guaranteed minimized expenses for exploitation.

  • Minimized errors in construction.

  • Minimise the environmental impact of manufacturing and assembly

  • Tight deadlines.


Prefab house in Southern Bulgaria/ 374 sq.m.

The major point while building this house was the optimal use of the yard and the south orientation in the mountain slopes. The accent is large windows, wooden siding, and the steel metal sheets covering the roof and part of the external walls.

Prefab house in Zvezditsa/ 242 sq.m.

The base is with flat roof, and its length is used to open the view. A spacious day zone is situated here on two levels with a window display, which offers a connection between the interior and the exterior while open. On the second level a second volume is designed, lighter and covered with thermally treated wood there are two bedrooms with two bathrooms and a gym. There is a green flat roof over the garage.

Prefab house in Rogachevo/ 151 sq.m.


The SWEET HOME bungalows are the first place holders of “Innovation in green industry” from Bulgaria, the Norway financial mechanism and the Norway fund of innovation.

We only call them bungalows because of their size, but in relations to technology, quality and design of the used materials, it would be correct to call them “small homes” for recreation and vacation from Sweet Home!

Prefab house in Dobrich/ 210 sq.m.

This detached townhouse is facing south and the yard. There is a spacious living room on the first level, with a kitchen, dining room, bathroom, closet and garage. The living room has a high ceiling, and plenty of south windows. The porch is covered, quiet and easily accessible from the living room with a splendid yard view. There are three bedrooms on the second floor, a bathroom and a storage room. One of the bedrooms is open towards a southern wide green terrace. The specific volume of the building is reached after connecting the roof and the façade. The fence is styled according to the architecture. The building is with minimized costs for heating and cooling

Prefab house in Simeonovo/ 160 sq.m.

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Prefab house in Prolesha/ 152 sq.m.

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Prefab house in Aprilci/ 207 sq.m.

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Wilderness hut Mountain Pirin ,Bulgaria/ 7 sq.m.

Prefab house in Pernik/ 148 sq.m.

Prefab house in Relyovo/ 159 sq.m.

Prefab house in Copehagen/ 80 sq.m.

Prefab house in Austria, Eberndorf/ 153 sq.m.

Prefab house in Austria, Unterwaltersdorf/ 301 sq.m.

Prefab house in Lobosh/ 164 sq.m.

Detached house, designed to be the summer residence of a young family away from the big city.
The rooms of this house are designed on one floor but on two levels following the south slope
There is a spacious living room, three bedrooms, WC, bathroom and closet. The wide day zone also has a dining room and a kitchen. The porch has the comfort of a summer kitchenette, and a wonderful view facing south.
The design is similar to the old Bulgarian traditions. Wall coating, wood and stone are typical materials for the area.
The building is with minimized costs for heating and cooling.

Prefab house in Samokov/ 154 sq.m.

This house is built among the foothills of Rila mountain, city of Samokov. It is a verdant detached house.
The exterior is a replica of the local traditional architecture. The building is facing south towards the view and the garden. On the first level is the day zone, on the second levels – the bedrooms. The accents in the exterior are frugally used – dark lattices around the windows, a slight curve on the eastern wall, accentuated with wooden siding. The means are moderate, but redound to the character of the building.
The building is with minimized costs for heating and cooling.

Prefab house in Burgas/ 199 sq.m.

Prefab house in Bankya/ 100 sq.m.

Prefab house in Krivina/ 100 sq.m.

Prefab house in Veliko Tarnovo/ 259 sq.m.

Two-storey house designed for family from Veliko Tarnovo. Architecture is minimalistic, with two categorical volumes.

On the first floor there is a spacious living room with a kitchenette and a study. There is also a workshop with access from the courtyard. On the second floor are four bedrooms. Garage and veranda complement the functionality of the building. The house has a reduced heating and cooling cost.

Prefab house in Grigorevo/ 76 sq.m.

Prefab house in Pernik/ 167 sq.m.

Prefab house in Greece/ 243 sq.m.