House 199 sq.m. in Burgas

The house owners are a family with two children from Burgas. We met them in the spring of 2014 when they came to us and asked us to build the house of their dreams. They liked the house in Samokov and wanted us to implement the project once again for them.

The owners of the house in Samokov were very polite and allowed us to organize a visit of their home. We made an arrangement to go there but we didn’t fix a date. So a few months passed by. It turned out that at same point our new clients visited the place themselves and they truly liked it. Their visit was the last argument in favor of their choice to repeat the realization of this project for them.

So we had to recreate this house in such a way so it could become the dream home of another, completely different family. A new big challenge for us … 

Finished project


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