Comfort to the entire family including a beautiful garden.


Sweet Home is specialized in building energy efficient prefabricated houses with modern design.

You want to live in a house

But something always stops you:

You do not like the built houses

Тhe houses offered by the real estate market are ugly, cold, uncomfortable and expensive.

Construction is an unknown process

Building a house is a difficult task to coordinate.

Prefabricated houses bother you

The general opinion is that they are flimsy, squeaky, inflammable and banks do not give loans for prefabricated houses.

Sweet Home offers you:

House construction

  • Reinforced concrete
  • Wooden construction
  • Building a foundation

Comprehensive service

  • Architectural project
  • Technical project
  • Documents required by the municipality
  • Legalization


  • Credit Consultant
  • Drawing up the documents
  • Standard conditions
  • Guaranteed trust

We know that you don't build a house every day and this is an important investment for you.

years construction warranty

Your new house plan:


Call us or send an enquiry containing the description of the desired house.


We project and construct by standard or individual projects.

Cozy home

Enjoy you new house - sturdy, warm and built for a few days.

How can you start living in your dream house?

You want to buy a house but the real estate market is filled with old houses, houses with inappropriate arrangement, poor insulation, old window frames or ones that need major repairs. You haven’t found “your house.” 

What is the solution?

We, from Sweet Home, offer to build for you the house you have always imagined.  A solid, economical and resistant house for generations to come which includes the most functional arrangement for you.

We offer you to walk together the long-delayed journey to your new home together.

The constructiong of your own home actually might be a pleasant experience.The house built by us will be exactly for you, like a tailor-made suit, comfortable and perfect fit.You will receive advices from our team at every single stage on everything – from optimization of the arrangement to the best practices in energy saving.

Contact us, shortly describe what you imagine and we will help you to take a decision.

Rough construction

(ex. VAT)
  • Construction
  • Roofing
  • Ventilation layer
  • Closed construction
  • 50 years warranty


(ex. VAT)
  • Construction
  • Roofing
  • Window frames
  • Front door
  • Plaster
  • Thermal insulation
  • Drywall
  • 50 years warranty

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