House 137 sq.m. in Pleven

  • Your house is the last completed object of Sweet Home. How did the design and construction process go?

    The design and construction process went very smoothly. I am extremely pleased and happy that Sweet Home completed our project. The team they have chosen to work and perform is composed of professionals who work with quality and cleanliness. Every time I came to look at the house, I always found it in perfect order, despite the hard work they did.

    How was the communication between the two countries in the whole construction process?

    There was no problem with communication. Any issues that arose were resolved quickly, in a timely manner.

    How did we cope with the deadlines?

    The deadlines …. Even the “five-year plan” was fulfilled ahead of schedule, for which I thank them!

    If you had to decide who to build with now, would you choose us again?

    I would choose Sweet Home again. I’m even a little sad that they leave me at this stage and in this situation. I would like everything to be completed by them, because I trust them completely!

    And the end result? Are you happy with it?
    I’m happy, it looks wonderful! And this is a dream come true for my children!


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