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Steps of the process

Prior consultation

I like your construction company. What next?

It is recommended to have a meeting and select the materials for the house, after which we can create a specific price offer. The meeting can be held on Skype or (if possible) in our office.

To meet our consultant, the following preliminary information is needed:

  • The total area desired by you for the future house. Using the “CONFIGURATOR: Floor plan designer” you can select all rooms and areas thereof.
  • Your requirements (things you want us to take into consideration in the elaboration of a future design of the house).
  • Current sketch of your property.
  • In case that your terrain is sloping, it is desirable to provide us with data from a geodetic survey (thus we could develop an idea for landscaping).

Concluding a contract

After approval of the preliminary offer (in case that the price we offer meets your requirements) you  should  conclude  a contract.
What documents are necessary for the preparation of a comprehensive investment project and starting a construction?
Having concluded a contract, our client’s duty is  to  provide  formal  input  data  (excluding those already submitted to us in the stage of prior consultation):
  • Documents for ownership of the land (title deed for the property on which we shall build).
  • Design visa (excerpt from the detailed development plan issued by the chief architect of the municipality or the region).
  • Design  assignment  (final  specification  of the requirements concerning your  future house  on the  basis  of  preliminary consultation).
  • Geodetic survey of the terrain (for a sloping terrain, it is desirable to be submitted at the preliminary stage).
  • Geological and hydrological surveys of the terrain (if required by the municipality).
  • Prior coordinating letter from the the local electricity company.
  • Prior coordinating letter from the the local water company.
  • Approval of the list of construction and assembly works by the client. Тhis detailed list determines the scope of the forthcoming construction
The purpose of these data is to submit the necessary information about the property to all  engineering  specialties. The output  data are formed as appendices to the contract.

Stage 1 – Project

What is the timetable for drafting a detailed design (project)? 
After approval of our preliminary offer and concluding a contract for design and construction of your future house, the steps are:
For this purpose, the steps are:
  • Development  of  a  conceptual  project  in Part   “Architecture”   (after   provision   of   all official output data, we will specify the final architecture of your future house).
  • Approval of a conceptual project in Part “Architecture” by the client (this project is particularly important because it is the basis for elaboration of all our further schemes in the process of creation of a comprehensive technical design of the house.
  • Elaboration of a technical design (once we know exactly what you want, we can finish with a detailed elaboration).
  • Submission of a technical design for issuance of building permission from the local municipality.
What does the detailed design (project) of the house contain? 
According to local legislation, the following design parts are required in preparation of the technical design of a house:
  • Part ” Architecture “
  • Part “Constructions” (with independent supervision)
  • Part “Electrical Installations”
  • Part “Plumbing and Sewerage”
  • Part “Energy Efficiency”
  • “Energy Efficiency” – compliance report
  • Part ” Geodetic” – tracing plan and vertical levelling
  • Part “PSH” – plan for safety and health
  • Part “Fire Safety”
If required by the local municipality customer may contract the following additional projects:
  • Part “HVAC” – heating, ventilation, air conditioning
  • Part “Technology”
  • Part “Landscape architecture”
  • EIA – environmental impact assessment

The assignor shall estimate which phases and parts of projects shall be contracted according to the building specificity to fulfill the efforts for successful realization of the investment intention. The project is deposited in the municipality and approved for issuing a building permission.

Stage 2 – Construction

What is the timetable for construction?
The stages of construction follow after the submission of the technical design for issuing of building permission.
The steps here are:
  • Preliminary production of wall, floor and roof panels in our manufacturing base (after we have lodged the project, we can give a start of the stages for preliminary manufacture of the house elements – the period runs parallel with the examination of the project).
  • Issuance of building permission (with the building permission, we can begin the construction of the concrete fundament in the property).
  • Construction of a reinforced concrete foundation.
  • Installation of  the  prefabricated components of the house (the wall, floor and roof panels are transported to the site, unloaded and assembled on the constructed foundation by crane).
  • Finishing  work  under  the  contract concluded with the client.
  • Preparation of a technical passport of the building, according to local legislation (a document, which includes the technical characteristics of the construction elements connected with the implementation of the essential requirements, operation instructions, servicing, inspection, maintenance, repair, etc.)
To what degree do you complete the buildings?
We complete all main and finishing works as intended by the contract. You define the scope of our work.

Putting into operation

How and when the new building is put into operation?
After the completion of the construction and the conclusion of the acceptance tests, where needed, the assignor submits an application in the municipality for putting into operation of the site. The body, which has issued the building permission, after checking the completeness of the documents, registers the putting into operation of the construction site and issues a permission for use.
When can I be refused permission for use?
According  to local legislation  the new building shall not be put into operation when:
  • The measures provided in Part “Vertical levelling” and the landscaping under the approved design have  not been implemented.
  • Existing buildings and structures not included in the building-up regime when provided for removal in the issued design visa have not been removed.
  • The fasades of the buildings and the structures have not been finished according to the approved investment design.
  • Not submitted all required documents for the authorization.

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