Why Sweet Home

The advantages of Sweet Home over other builders

We pay attention to every detail from the design phase all the way to the final touch. In every home we build, we put professionalism and heart.

The process
The process includes a 3D production model, in which we construct all of the elements of the finished building, from foundation to heating elements. This allows us to specify the details at the design level and then minimize the root issues that could appear on the move.

The production of the house itself is carried out in a factory premises, where continuous control is provided by the design engineer. Most construction companies transport timber in the form of beams and boards on the site, and that is where the actual beam assembly is carried out. This is the so called ‘american style’ house, that can not guarantee the accuracy and quality of factory workmanship.

All of the elements are packaged and transported to the site with the maximum finish. There, the house is installed in 2-3 days (again, in the presence of the designer of the project). After that, the finishing touches (that have been considered in advance so that nothing is improvised) are added, which last up to a month and a half, depending on the complexity of the house.

The engineer and the architect work together until they reach the optimal version of each house. Together they discuss how architectural details can be accomplished in practically.

No compromises with the material quality
We do not compromise on the quality of the materials. We only use certified KVH wood which has proven and verified strength. Sometimes the construction companies use second tier quality wood, and we can talk about third tier quality wood instead of certified wood to achieve a lower price. The problem with this wood is that it has not been checked for strength and has no clear characteristics. It is not uncommon, when wet wood is used.

We continuously improve the processes, which we use in production and installation.

Many customers ask us, what kind of system you are working on? We can respond with pride that we work on the Sweet Home system. All architectural and engineering details have been developed by us, and we do not compromise on the architectural or construction elements.

Our innovative developments have been awarded  by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for two consecutive years.

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