Eco house

We at ‘Sweet Home’, believe that eco houses are the necessary, beautiful and adequate future of construction. “Eco House” literally means  a house which is “environmentally friendly”.  We at Sweet Home add and highlight – and a house “safe for the occupants”. We often hear from our clients: “I read what an eco house is, but what does that mean?”

Here too, we allow for a brief lyrical departure, to thank all of our customers who are not afraid to ask for the obvious things. ‘Thank you, it makes us even more useful.’

What does the “eco-house” definitions tell us? Eco houses are built in a way, that significantly reduces both the consumption of resources and the residual raw materials or waste. Eco houses further reduce the negative impact of the building, not only on nature but also to us, the occupants. All of this is possible, thanks to the better design, high tech construction and optimal positioning in the plot, relative to the position, the sunlight and the responsible maintenance.


Modern eco houses can be of varying designs and sizes, depending on the location and depending on your budget and preferences, and their advantages are preserved:

A healthy living environment, undeniably one of the most significant benefits of living with an eco house. Moisture, mold and cracks in the construction that are common in conventional construction, and provoke a number of health problems are avoided in eco houses, thanks to the high level of technology used. All elements of the building are designed and specified in a digital environment. The accuracy of workmanship goes up to 1mm, which is absolutely unattainable in mass construction, but it is essential. Thanks to the high degree of automation and precision, the production waste is greatly reduced and production time is shortened.

Energy efficiency: –  did you know that buildings are one of the biggest energy consumers? In some countries up to 80% of all energy used. This energy is essential for heating and lighting, and this is why modern efforts are being made to create buildings that are well insulated and built with a optimized use of natural light. The result – lower electricity and heating bills and shorter installation times. The production of eco houses in a controlled, factory environment allows building your home in a shorter period of time.

Without design restrictions     in the implementation of eco houses, virtually any architectural project can be realized. In the production and construction of eco houses, there is no limitation in the design or in the execution of the design.

New technologies for higher quality of the environment – eco houses use modern ventilation, heating, lighting, cooling, etc.Until recently not very familiar, today with increasing popularity, the above-mentioned systems are an important part of the concept of eco-houses.


Again, provoked by everyday practice and conversations with partners and customers, we have decided that it is useful to pay extra attention to some points that are essential in the construction of eco houses.

All the advantages of eco houses are the result of a professional team, a well done job and the use of high quality materials. It’s important to note that the names”eco house”, “green home” and “responsible construction” – do not by themselves mean that all conditions for a energy efficient home, environmentally and safety are fulfilled.

At ‘Sweet Home’, we are proud of our team of specialists who monitor the quality and performance, in each step of of the eco house building process.
Here are their tips.

1. First of all, reaching the decision that you want to live in a eco house, it’s important to find a partner for designing and building your new home. Search for a company whose team you can trust, and so you can ask all the questions without worrying. At Sweet Home we work with you – each house is designed individually, and carries the character and identity of its owner. We create your home according to your wishes, but with the idea of construction and subsequent exploitation, as well as an optimal combination of design and function. Our customer relationships are peer to peer and we rely entirely on each other.

2. Be assured of the capabilities of your chosen company. Manufacturing and construction of eco houses is a process independent of the climate, make sure that your company is too.  All elements for eco houses under the ‘Sweet Home’ system are produced in our own workshop near Sofia and by our permanent team, with exceptional mathematical precision and constant control. This allows us independence and reliability in everyday   work.

3. Do not underestimate the energy efficiency of eco houses simply because the term is everywhere around us and it seems to be something that is implied. To call it a energy efficient building, we need to pay attention to all of the elements of the eco home. Only together with heat insulating properties or reinforced insulation on the floor, would not give the desired result. In addition to the materials used for insulation, the materials used to build the eco house are of great importance, you can look at our materials and constructions here and here. Restricting the energy used by the house, using natural materials and good insulation, means that you will need less energy to heat and cool your home while enjoying a balanced and healthy living environment. In addition, your home does not harm the environment and saves you on monthly expenses.

4.  Not all eco homes are the same, and we can’t stress the importance of this advice. As has been said above, the name and label of “eco houses” is not a guarantee of their quality, so you need to be well informed, ask questions and have a professional partner.

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