Prefabricated houses

What are prefabricated houses with a wooden or metal structure?

The prefabricated houses by Sweet Home are wooden or steel structures built on a pre-built reinforced concrete foundation. Components such as scaffolding, walls, floors and roof panels are factory manufactured to the highest quality, packaged and transported to the site where they are assembled by qualified personnel and in the presence of the designer. Afterwards, preliminary and strictly planned finishing work is started.

Sweet Home’s prefabricated houses are not mobile homes. They are produced outside of the site and are assembled on the site, while conventional houses and other prefabricated houses are built entirely on the site.

The prefabricated houses manufactured by Sweet Home are built in a controlled, automated factory with conditions providing the highest and most consistent production quality, while the conventional homes are built by various masters and craftsmen, with diverse reliability and qualifications.

Time Frames
Since the houses are produced indoors, and do not rely on seasonal factors – they are produced much faster. The process does not suffer from typical delays caused by uncontrollable meteorological changes.

Architecture and design
The houses have no limitations in terms of architectural solutions. We can build houses in a different styles, inspired by modern or classical aesthetics, following the displacement of the terrain. We can do virtually any architectural project.

Energy efficiency
The houses are energy efficient and much better insulated than traditional homes, which significantly reduces the heating bills. The standard insulation in a traditional houses is 10 cm, while the prefabricated ones start from 20 cm and can reach up to 40 cm.

Like any new building, regardless of the type of construction chosen, the houses are measured, calculated and legalized according to the current Euro-code.  Like all other buildings, meeting these requirements, the prefabricated houses are insured against the same loads, have the same capacity and guarantee the same service life 50 years. An advantage over traditional houses is greater earthquake resistance.

Are the prefabricated houses frame-built?

The cost of building a house is not determined by whether it is prefabricated or not, but by the complexity of the project, the choice of materials and a few other factors.

Not all manufacturers of prefabricated houses are one and the same
The prefabricated houses have objective advantages, but the quality, price and service ratio varies with the different companies that offer them. Read more about the benefits of Sweet Home, to other mobile home providers.

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